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Cottonwood Conundrum Causes Chaos at US Refineries

Cottonwood Conundrum Causes Chaos at US Refineries  With warming spring temperatures come an explosion of airborne contaminants resulting in extra pressure on external fin fan banks at US refinery operations.  Cottonwood, or Poplar Seeds, are a key contaminant, deeply embedding themselves within the fin fan arrays. Several US refineries turn to innovative Citrikleen HD to clean their external fin fan arrays.  Project Considerations External fin fan systems have become obstructed with heavy Cottonwood build up Obstructed fin fan reduces the efficiency of the heat exchangers at refinery’s, reducing efficiency of systems and output of refining operations Reduced cooling capacity can prove problematic during warmer spring conditions Refineries want to keep cleaning operations to a minimum to reduce costs and downtime while keeping system operations at full capacity Application Combination of pressure washing and Citrikleen HD application removes Cottonwood build up Lim