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It's Time to Rethink Your Spill Response & Containment System

A Modern Approach to Spill Response & Containment While we all strive for perfection in the manufacturing process, spill response and containment are a necessary evil to deal with the unfortunate, but all too common, accidental spill or leak. Whether it’s a hydrocarbon, toxic chemical, HAZMAT liquid or other contaminants, a quick response is necessary to mitigate the damage and provide first responders the extra time they need to develop a full remediation plan. SmartVista, LLC based in Duncan, South Carolina was launched to develop uncommon solutions to existing challenges. Their first product, SpillArmor™ is a revolutionary rapid deployment spill response system engineered to quickly absorb a variety of spills in seconds. What makes SpillArmor™ so innovative is its light weight design and quick deployment capability – 100 feet of SpillArmor™ weighs in at less than 20 lbs. and can be deployed in under 30 seconds! SpillArmor™’s portable, compact size enables m

Natural Hydrocarbon Remediation Born in Space

The Messy Truth Despite best efforts, accidents happen. Every day across the world at machine and repair shops, manufacturing sites, steel mills, refineries, rail yards, chemical processing plants, power generation facilities, retail stores and domestic homes, oils and other hydrocarbons spill or leak onto driveways, gravel pits, marshes, spillways, and other sensitive areas. Big or small, these spills cause headaches and can be potentially dangerous to workplace safety and the environment, to say nothing of the cost of potential EPA violations and other assessments. For years, professionals and consumers have been turning to a variety of spill response solutions, from sorbent pads and socks to kitty litter and sand. While these solutions are quick at soaking up much of the oil, they require disposal after use and often leave the contaminated area in a state that remains in need of further remediation. One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Oil Remediation Petroleum Re