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PLIDCO Shear+Plug Metal-To-Metal Line Plugging Solution

Photo Credits: American Public Power Association Ultra-High-Temperature, High-Pressure Line Plugging Solution When it's critical that you keep your plant running; when other line-plugging solutions have failed; when you need to install a valve where one doesn't exist - there's only one option to turn to. The PLIDCO Shear+Plug is the industry standard for ultra-high-temperature, high-pressure line plugging solutions. What is a PLIDCO Shear+Plug The PLIDCO Shear+Plug is a metal-to-metal plug-off device that allows for maintenance and repair of ultra-high-temperature, high-pressure pipelines. Designed to isolate a system for repairs, the PLIDCO Shear+Plug provides a safe plug-off technique that negates the need for system shut down providing your maintenance team a safe environment to repair a line or install a valve all while keeping your line operational.   How a Shear+Plug Works The PLIDCO Shear+Plug works by inserting a temporary (or permanent) "gate