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Don't Let February Freeze Shut You Down - Liquid Heat Liquid Deicer

Melt Ice, Snow with Liquid Heat Liquid Deicer With winter comes cold weather, snow, sleet, and ice. Combat mother nature before she shuts you down with the industries premier liquid deicer, Liquid Heat by Zircon Industries . How Liquid Heat works? Liquid Heat works by penetrating ice and frost on equipment during extreme weather conditions. The specialized formula melts ice build up before it happens, then works in the background to prevent further accumulation keeping your critical infrastructure online.  Formulated to work in temperatures as low as -60F (-51C) , Liquid Heat is tough on the ice and easy on the environment (EPA approved), your belts (Goodyear Approved) and your workforce (OSHA approved). Where to apply Liquid Heat?   Liquid Heat was designed to work on a wide range of commercial applications and equipment including:  Conveyor Belts (Goodyear approved) Rail Road Tracks Heavy Lifting Equipment Train Cars Pulleys Truck Beds Switches Wh