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FDA Approved Isopropyl Liquid Hand Sanitizer

FDA Approved Isopropyl Liquid Hand Sanitizer

May 9, 2020

In partnership with Zircon Industries, Kelley Industrial Sales has sourced a limited supply of American made, FDA approved isopropyl liquid hand sanitizer.

Steri-Touch by Zircon Industries is an FDA approved liquid sanitizer formulated to remove germs and viruses associated with the common cold, flu, and novel coronavirus from hands and other skin surfaces.

Intended for industrial and commercial use, Steri-Touch liquid hand sanitizers are available for sale in a gallon, 5-gallon pail, and 55-gallon barrel containers.

What is a hand sanitizer and how does it work?

A hand sanitizer is defined as a liquid, gel, or foam - typically made up of an alcohol-based chemical blend - that is used to decrease the infectious agents (viruses, germs, other microbes) on a person's hands. Alcohol-based blends often contain a combination of ethanol, n-proponal, or isopropyl alcohol at concentrations ranging from 60-95% alcohol by volume. 

Amplifying the natural antiseptic characteristics found in alcohol, hand sanitizers disinfect by denaturing the protective outer proteins of microbes, dissolving their outer membranes which ultimately kills the bacteria, viruses, and other infections agents. 

How to use hand sanitizer

While washing hands with soap and water are the best ways to rid the hands and skin of germs in most situations when soap and water aren't available an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is an acceptable alternative. 

To properly use liquid and gel hand sanitizers the CDC recommends:
  1. Thoroughly apply liquid or gel to the palm of one hand
  2. Rub hands together ensuring liquid or gel covers all surfaces, including between the fingers
  3. Rub the liquid or gel over all surfaces until your hands are dry. This should take 20 seconds. 

Hand sanitizer an essential part of stopping the spread and reopening America

As many parts of the United States reopen, having adequate PPE will be paramount to both opening safely and staying open as we navigate the next stage of the COVID19 pandemic. 

When soap and water aren't an option, the CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer as an approved alternative (link). At 70% isopropyl alcohol by volume, FDA approved Steri-Touch meets CDC requirements for alcohol content to be considered an effective hand sanitizer.

Limited stock, order today

Protect employees, costumers, and visitors from transmitting novel coronavirus and other common germs and viruses with Steri-Touch liquid hand sanitizer from Zircon Industries and Kelley Industrial Sales. For more information, SDS, and pricing email


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